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FEATURED REVIEW: Samsung & First Look Studios ACROSS THE HALL Film Party

Saturday, June 24, 2006



by Don Rose

(June 23: Beverly Hills, CA - The LA Report) Movies on cellphones? Get used to it, my luddite friend. It is here. Come on, get with it. A few minutes on YouTube and you too can see that short films for non-TVs are the hottest thing right now. And one of the best of these brave new media films was celebrated tonight at, where else, the fabulous home of the history of TV and radio, MTR. This museum (one of The LA Report's favorite weekend things-to-do in Bev Hills) has thousands of TV and radio shows, from today's hits all the way back to the inception of both media, which anyone can view/hear in their library - so perhaps it was fitting that the future of media was shown off here.

This bash had all the elements I like - a great theme and central event (the film made for the "very small screen", called "ACROSS THE HALL" from First Look Studios), an ongoing party for four full hours that guests could go back and forth to from the screening room (note to party planners: the roof of MTR is a great place for a party with nice breezes on a hot summer night), great food (passed treats like spring rolls, mac-n-cheese bites, pizzas, miniburgers and fries, and creme brulee), open bar, and even models passing around phones to handle (or fondle, that's how attractive these babies are). Speaking of attractive, the crowd definitely was, a young friendly and stylish Hollywood vibe, dancing to tunes from one of the best DJs I have experienced in recent memory (I like when the groove isnt monotonically stuck in one decade - and this DJ mashed Elvis Costello next to 60s gems as well as recent hits, a potent fun mix).

As for the film, one viewer said "Across the Hall" reminded him of Hitchkock, and there is truth in that comparison. The DP on the film told me they shot it without consciously thinking of visual plugs for the phone, and to Samsung's credit the filmmakers were not pressured to push the phone in our faces in an obtrusive way, letting it fit in the plot naturally (which was not overly difficult, since there were many tight spaces shot in rooms, and many phonecalls as part of the action). In short, this short is a well done film, and sufficiently subtle in its product phone-placement.

Speaking of placement (as in into the hands of celebs), several VIPs in attendance (including the star of this "phonefilm", Adrian Griener - and Kato Kaelin, star of a new upcoming show called "Oh No It's Kato") got to take home hot new Samsung cellphones (for either Cingular, Verizon or TMobile) -- and all guests were gifted with a beautiful wine-picnic carry set complete with glasses, opener and a Wine.com gift certificate inside. Yes, this indeed was a party that had something for everyone.

If your curiosity is now peaked, you can sneak a peek at Samsung's films online, at www.anyfilms.net . Special thanks to Nicole and R.J. at Rousso/Fisher Public Relations, who once again proved they truly know how to throw a boffo bash. The LA Report rates it two (full) wineglasses up.

Friday, May 19, 2006


May 18-22: BEVERLY HILLS CLASSIC: Antiques, Fine Art and Jewelry Show at the Petersen

by Don Rose

(May 18, 2006: Los Angeles CA) Just saw a preview of the BEVERLY HILLS CLASSIC Antiques, Fine Art and Jewelry Show at the Petersen Auto Museum, located at Wilshire and Fairfax. This show is, in a word, a must see. Okay, that's three words, but that’s my point: break whatever rules there are and get down to see this show. One of the best art events The LA Report has seen in recent months, because of the diverse works present and the quality of the exhibits. Some highlights include: one booth with the works of two genius artists - Bernard Pras (he perfectly arranges a myriad of colorful objects along with objects in his environment to create one-of-a-kind photos of famous folks - and the objects relate playfully to the subject) and Pavlos (unique works made solely from colored paper), both will expand your mind and Pras will make you think as well as laugh; the photomosaics of Robert Silvers, the surreal colorful paintings of Metin Bereketli (hollywoodpainter.com), Michael Hall's thick-stroke paintings with white gobs like vanilla icecream (imagine if Leroy Neiman painted guitars and other objects using ultrawide brushes), and in the Scott Richards art booth, two perennial favorites of The LA Report from exhibits at Bergamot Station: Patrick Hughes (master of visual illusion and perspective-bending paintings) and Carol Feuerman (who creates near-lifesize sculptures of people so realistic that many do double takes to make sure they aren’t real, and even after you see them, you still are not quite sure). Also loved the popping-off-the-wall Pop Art of Peter Stanick (coming to Museum Works Galleries on Melrose in a big L.A. show June 3, stay tuned for more details); visit his cool site to see more of his work (and remember to wear your headphones and flipflops – the site plays classic surf music as you, well, surf his site). While the art, as you can tell, affected me the most, there were also exquisite antiques throughout the hall, and fine jewelry in several booths.

The May 18 opening night gala featured fine food and open bar (Zone Vodka drinks featured, along with fine wine), plus live music that provided a perfect vibe. Celebs we spotted included Barbara Streisand, hubbie James Brolin, Stella Stevens, the always-tall John Philip Law (you know, star of Barbarella and other classics that thankfully were not forced into remakes), Tim Russ (excellent musician who lived long and prospered as Tuvok on Star Trek Voyager), and always-amiable host/MC Fred Travelena (who wowed the crowd with, among other gems, impressions of NINE, count em, NINE presidents in under a minute – from JFK to LBJ to GWB, each doing a few words from the Inauguration swearing-in speech… no swearing needed to elicit laughs from this entertainer). Then there was the booth that featured a Mongolian musician in full regalia playing what looked like a cross between a clarinet and a French horn, then switched to a two-stringed guitaresque instrument as he sang polyphonically. A few feet away a woman painted live, using an attendee as muse and model.

Plus much too much more to mention. You simply must go. The LA Report rates this a must see and must go. Must we keep repeating ourselves?

More info at beverlyhillsclassicshow.com.

Saturday, May 06, 2006



by Don Rose

(Westwood, CA : April 28-30) The annual LA Times Festival Of Books (took place once again in Westwood. What an event, where can I begin. Star authors, exhibitors galore, taking over the entire middle of the UCLA campus on two picture perfect LA days. At the annual LA Times Book Prizes Friday night, Joan Didion was honored as literary luminaries of every stripe came to celebrate the best in lit, then enjoyed fantastic food and drinks at the festive afterparty on the Royce Hall outdoor patio. Saturday night was the benefit for Dave Eggers' fine organization, 826LA, which provides free tutoring for teens -- and the "best selling" band Rock Bottom Remainders (comprised of best-selling authors) rocked Royce. Jake "Brokeback" Gyllenhall was one of the celebs in attendance, and the mix of comedy plus tunes worked well. The best part for me was the before-music comedic bits featuring Dave Barry (attention, Hollywood: give this guy another shot with his own TV show -- he is hilarious, and the Boomer generation is the true hot demographic right now, buds). Dave was introduced as if running for President; after walking up to the stage surrounded by sunglassed guards ("Secret Service" suits played by author Scott Turow and a couple other writers), Barry proceeded to lay out his agenda for America with laugh-inducing lines aplenty. He also took questions (via clever taped-video trickery) from Catherine Cryer and, yes, even Ted Koppell (a two parter from Ted: if you are elected, to quote the last line in the film "The Candidate", "What will you do now"? And then the second part: "What will WE do now?"). Funny stuff, and heck, Dave was so direct yet appealing you almost want to vote for the guy. In the music portion of the evening, Dave led the RBR band in a cute and clever ditty he wrote about his special Proofreading Lady ("...she nevers says 'Between You and I'). Legendary ex-Byrds-man Roger McGuinn, and CBS late late host Craig Ferguson, also graced the stage with the RBR regulars (sans Stephen King, who Barry admitted was "weird" -- see, he is so honest!). The LA Report highly recommends the FoB for next year; it is easily in the Top Ten LA Events every single year.

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EVENT REVIEW: LOHAS 2006 Annual Conference

by Don Rose

The annual LOHAS conference (April 2006) was wonderful as always, and bigger than ever. Great crowd; dynamic, focused people on a mission. Steve Case, ex-head of AOL (now running Revolution Living and leading Lime (www.lime.com)), gave a passionate speech, comparing the maturing of the LOHAS philosophy and its assimilation into mainstream culture to that once-fringe phenomenon called the Internet. He also mentioned investing in this cool concept where you sign up to become part of a network allowed to use a fleet of cars around a city for short bursts of time, in between public transport, using a car only when you need to, so that a couple dozen people can in effect share one car, cutting down on all the bad effects of too many cars on the road (Flex Car has ads at UCLA, and indeed does seem well suited to students without budget or space for owning a car). The LOHAS setting was beautiful at the Miramar Hotel; in addition to the talks, bungalows hosted themed rooms, including a mini-Japanese expo (saw tile made from plankton that, when wet, dries ultrafast - when sprayed, it is dry in 10 seconds!)... a relax room with PC's, teas, TV's... and a gifting room for VIP's with goodies ranging from Yoga and Narnia DVD's to Biota water (Biodegradeable Bottle - boffo!) to Tom's toothpaste, LOHAS short-sleeve T's and assorted teas (a lot of T's and teas at this conference; speaking of tea, google Steaz green tea soda). Nighttime reception Thursday was warm, friendly, and I liked the Organic furnitute (you heard right). Also loved the magazine titles on display (Ode, Plenty, Worthwhile, among other holistic and green-themed publications). All in all, I rate LOHAS a highly recommended event for 2007 (which will be the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love, a theme I hope they explore somehow). www.lohas.com



by Don Rose

Masters of Horror Season 2 Launch Party -- presented by IDT Entertainment and Industry Entertainment -- welcomed VIPs and other guests to promote its new slate of shows on Showtime with a killer party at Hollywood's Ivar club -- a cool celebration of the horror genre and the highly anticipated sophomore season of the horror anthology film series. Attendees I spotted enjoying two levels of food, drinks, go-go dancers and video highlights included director Joe Dante and several other luminaries of the horror field. And the classic horror DVD's given out to guests as parting gifts: very nice touch indeed. A terror-ific time was had by all.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006



by Don Rose


Brett Ratner should've won Best Raconteur. Let me explain.

Fade In: The Malibu Film Festival closing night gala. Wonderful drinks and conversation have flowed on this Monday night, just outside the main tent, right on the sand, adjacent to the host eatery: Gladstone's famous fishhouse at the corner of Sunset and PCH. I have chatted with fine friendly folks, such as William Sadler, one star of one of the buzz films that screened at the fest, called "
Jimmy and Judy", an indie film directed by Jonathan Schroder that also starred Edward Furlong and Rachael Bella (more info at www.jimmyandjudymovie.com).

Cut to: all have migrated into the tent and applauded several awards for the best fest films, like "The Hamiltons", directed by the Busher brothers -- and "Sloshbox", directed by a couple who actually met several years back at this very festival -- and even a film whose makers were introduced by superhot (in box office, buzz and body) Jessica Alba.

Now cut to: standing ovation as the legendary Robert Evans takes the stage, a man whose pic is still in the dictionary under "dashing" and "suave"; he gushes praise upon Brett Ratner, who is about to accept a special award. Bob reminds us how highly grossing the "still-a-big-kid" Ratner's movies have been.

Then Brett took center stage... and proceeded to steal the show from the emoting Evans with his own engrossing speech, the heart of which was the story of how he got into film school.

Long story short (sorta), Brett the budding director (short films and enthusiasm in tow) was told an emphatic NO by NYU admissions due to his less-than-subpar grades -- but after young Ratner walked out, crushed, devastated, he made an instant monumental decision that changed his life: to not let that admissions person decide his future. So back in the building he went, going above admissions, marching right to the NYU film school dean's office (
actually, I do this kinda thing when I dont get service, too -- as in "Please get me a supervisor" when getting terrible customer assistance on the phone -- and you know, I ALWAYS get more satisfaction doing this). Without an appointment, Brett met resistance again, but he insisted it was life or death, as I'm sure it must have seemed at the time, and so Ratner got his one minute on the spot with the dean, who wisely saw the passion in the kid, which sometimes trumps grades, and so the dean promised to look at Brett's file, and voila, a few weeks later his admission letter came.

The rest is box office history. All because Brett saw and loved Martin Scorcese movies growing up, decided he had to be a filmmaker at the same school Martin attended (NYU), and decided HE would decide when his options to get into school were exhausted. But now, my typing fingers are exhausted, so I will stop the tale here, but man, this Ratner has a future in public speaking and teaching if he ever tires of filmmaking.

Back to planet Malibu. All the awards were given in rapid succession, very efficient, which was good, since the seated crowd couldn't help eyeing the boffo buffet awaiting them, which did not disappoint: a wonderful assortment of gourmet grub that included salmon, chicken, rice, veggies, salad, bread, and later, killer chocolate cake dessert and coffee and even more lively networking.

All in all, a wonderful evening on the beach, a memorable close to a great festival you are well advised to attend next year. Kudos to the Malibu Film Fest for yet another great job this year. Special thanks to David Katz for starting it all, all those years ago. Despite the super speech by Brett, the best is yet to come, I'm sure.

And remember: never take no for an answer when it comes to your dreams.

# # #
(April 10, 2006: Malibu/SantaMonica, CA)

Friday, April 07, 2006




By Shannon Callahan

When I attended this flourishing youthful fashion celebration, one of Gen Art’s annual events, I was delightfully engaged as I found myself entering the Park Plaza Hotel near downtown Los Angeles, soon to ascend a grand staircase to a night of pure romanticism of life and art. Three designers -- Kit Pistol, Mandula and Unhee -- took this event by storm (enticing celebrities such as Lisa Loeb and Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers to attend). The talented trio exemplifies the meaning of art in nature, with unique models who emulated the night’s atmospheric motif.

Once I coat-checked, imbibed my *first* drink at the open bar, and crossed the main lobby to the other side, a gentle, naive theme greeted me in the side room, expressed by vivid imagery; the scene of “children” (actually youthful-acting-and-appearing models) playing in swings and slides -- juxtaposed by provocative, sleek clothing -- was alive and fun. Experiencing good energy and a quick ciggie on the patio near the swing-scene, I remembered that this was only one of three rooms to encounter, and soon I was drawn to wander on…

Arriving at the second level of the Hotel, I entered a gargantuan room, and on the stage I was astounded at first glance to see a pirate ship, wondering who’s walking the plank! Petite models stoically and statically adorned the stage, appearing to have little knowledge of what to do with themselves, even seeming a little silly. I kept hoping they could have had a sense of acting direction, or even a little experience in movement, SOMETHING! So without hesitation I ventured to the final room, where a mechanical-like structure embodied the focal point of the room, with a fragility brought on by the lanky angelic models who, unlike those in the other rooms, were serious in movement that complemented the ambient music and the theme and ethereal vibe of the night. Absolutely my favorite and the most artful!

With Gen Art shows occurring not only in Los Angeles, but in New York, San Francisco and other cities as well, you can become a member and attend more of their great events by checking out GenArt.org, where you can also view pictures from this event and others.

# # #

Thursday, April 06, 2006


EVENT REVIEW: Apr.5, LAPD/LAFD Memorial Foundations Benefit Show

by Don Rose

(Hollywood CA : April 5, 2006) The historic Avalon club and restaurant on Vine (formerly
the Palace way back when) was host venue for this great event -- the LAPD/ LAFD Memorial
Foundations Benefit Show -- which raised funds to help support the families of fallen heroes
in the police and fire departments. Actor Dan Ackroyd served as jovial host/MC who, amid
all the laughs, kept things rolling smoothly and gracefully, at one point even transforming
into his Jack Webb channeling persona to give an homage to those who wear the badge,
in the dead-on dead-Dragnet-demigod delivery only Dan can do. Poetic, funny and touching
all at once; kudos Mr. Ackroyd.

Then, after speeches from several police and fire officials -- including Police Chief
Bratton -- the energy really swelled (and oh was it swell) when the band began, featuring
Jim Belushi & the Sacred Hearts. As expected, the best moments were when Dan and Jim danced
and pranced, both onstage and off (wearing their trademark black Rayban glasses of course).
The performance was quite interactive. On one number, Jim sang his Sacred Heart out while
traversing the audience -- while on another, Jim and Dan invited dozens of guests onstage to
dance with them and the band as they belted out their kick-ass blend of rockin’ blues.

There were other cool goings-on going on as well, like a silent auction, and fantastic food.
They wisely gave guests upwards of two hours early on to enjoy the feast before the
tributes and tunes began, and rightfully so, since the buffet featured excellent eats
aplenty – from paella to salad to mac-n-cheese to chicken to spinach, and a delectable
display of desserts to die for.

Wonderful job all around. Kudos to Levine Communications (LCO) for providing the event PR,
with special thanks to Michael, Dawn and Alastair (and, FYI, Mr. Levine's elert is one of my top
online must-reads, a daily news-zine via email that I love). Also thanks to Suzanne of Suzanne
Events (who always throws boffo bashes, FYI, often at the Avalon and upstairs Spider Club),
and the friendly Avalon staff (thank you to Kobe and Barbara C. for their warmth and
hospitality). Twas a night of feeling, food, fun and fundraising; make a note on your calendar
for next year. Finally, do check out the new Honey restaurant inside the Avalon, a spiffy
space on the south side of the venue that features intimate booths and a classy mood.

Don Rose
Writer/Editor, The Rose Review

# # #

Wednesday, April 05, 2006



EDITOR'S NOTE: Dear readers, Methodfest is one of my all-time favorite LA film fests, every year their film selection is stellar, and their afterparties/receptions each night are always lively, engaging and just plain fun, with fab food and libations and networking galore. Case in point: their party a few days ago at the Ferrari Auto Gallery in Calabasas, celebrating the World Premiere of the film "Push" (how the heck did writer/director Dave Rodriguez write it in "about 4 1/2 days"?). As guests dashed to the "Push" bash, a big splash was made by a great funk-rock-pop band called The Replacement Killers (sounds like a film title, doesn't it?), a way-above-Average White Band that blew me away (my logline would be "early Chicago meets Blood Sweat and Tears meets Superfly soundtrack"). And gosh, this bash had much to nosh -- as on opening night, it was an amazing buffet featuring local eateries, like Arnie Morton's (filet mignon sandwiches, anyone?) and Maggiano's (one of my top LA Italian restaurants).

So do yourself a favor and catch the last few nights of this year's fest, before it's gone until '07. Wed's, Thursday and Friday this week are the last three chances you have. For more details, see their schedule and ticket info at www.methodfest.com -- below are the details for the last night, Fri., April 7th. Special kudos to Don Franken (Methodfest executive director) for yet another great fest this year; also cheers to the many others who helped make M'fest such a success, such as Ron Gilbert of Rogue Arts, Steve Huntsman (look for his new "Aspen" comedy TV show), and Amy Gorton at Tower PR.

---Don Rose, Editor, The Rose Review

# # #

Methodfest 2006 Awards: 7-10 pm

Wrap Party: 10-midnight

General Admission: $35

Buy tickets

Awards Ceremony & Wrap Party
The festival comes to a grand conclusion with the presentation of awards for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress and many others. Following the ceremony, we'll celebrate great achievements and a great festival!

LOCATION: Viewpoint School.

DJ: Assaf Music: Breathing Room; Sunny Hilden; Chloe Day

More info: www.methodfest.com

# # #

Friday, March 31, 2006



World and U.S. Premieres, Awards, Tributes, Galas, Workshops, Panels Begin Mar.31; Filmmakers and Stars Come To Calabasas for “The Actors Film Festival”

The 8th annual Method Fest Independent Film Festival, presented by the City of Calabasas, unveiled its schedule of films and activities for the week of the festival, which runs March 31 to April 7 in Calabasas, CA. The Method Fest, which offers numerous screenings and events for the industry and the public, is the only festival dedicated to the actor.

Friday March 31st – Opening Night

Method Fest opens with the Los Angeles premiere of Jason Matzner’s “Dreamland,” starring Agnes Bruckner, Kelli Garner, John Corbett, Justin Long, and Gina Gershon at The Motion Picture and Television Fund’s Louis B. Mayer Theater in Calabasas. “Dreamland” is a poignant coming of age story with stunning performances by its young and by its veteran cast. The Rising Star Award will be presented at the opening night film and a red carpet, Hollywood- style opening night party will follow at the scenic Valley Crest location, high on the hill in Calabasas overlooking the entire region.

Saturday, April 1st

The festival kicks in with seminars, workshops, shorts, premieres and screenings including world premiers of “Push” starring Chad Lindberg, Chazz Palmintieri and Michael Rappaport; the south-east Asian adventure “Bangkok”; and the West Coast Premiere of “Confess”, a spy-cam spy thriller. “Debating Robert Lee” is an engrossing and surprising tale of what happens when one of the best debating teachers in the world steps into a troubled school in idyllic Palos Verdes, California. “Debating Robert Lee” stars Beau Bridges, Kaley Cuoco and Billy Kay. The terrifying “Nightmare” finishes up the feature offerings on Saturday.

Sunday, April 2nd

Method Fest continues it’s tradition of giving festival goers opportunities to meet and interact with filmmakers at the Filmmaker Brunch and panel discussion where major stars and filmmakers participate. Throughout the day, audiences will be treated to a variety of independently minded features including “Oh, Mr. Faulkner Do You Write”, which brings John Maxwell’s critically-acclaimed, one-man show to the screen; the sexy “These Girls”, based on Vivienne Laxdall’s edgy play to life, starring “Angel” David Boreanz “ from “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”, “Angel” and “Bones” fame;
Halfway Decent” with Ernie Hudson; and the Julie Harris, Ruby Dee starrer, “The Way Back Home”. The Lifetime Award Ceremony will be held prior to the film screening. The Centerpiece Film, the drama “December Ends”, is the critically acclaimed directorial debut of Lee Toland Krieger and a Centerpiece Gala will follow the event. The evening continues to rock at Indie Music Night at the Sagebrush Cantina, beginning at 9:00 p.m. until closing. Bands and acoustic acts, including some from festival films fill the stage at the well known Cantina.

Monday, April 3

The International Showcase offers a wide variety of entertaining and thought provoking entries including s special not-in-competition screening of the post apocalyptic tale of “Ever Since the World Ended”; the one-day tale of ”In a Day” from the UK; “Niagara Motel” featuring Kevin Pollack; Australia’s very sexy contribution of “The Actress” and “The Cabin Movie” a darkly comic look at relationships. Highlighting the evening, a private reception for the filmmakers and stars Monday evening at Mi Piace will follow the 7 p.m. screenings.

Tuesday, April 4

Diversity Days begins on Tuesday at Method Fest, featuring the fear-of-death quirky comedy, “Expiration Date” unspooling with a well-known Native American cast; the dark relationship drama “Tre”; “Eve of Understanding” a female road trip adventure; and “Turntable”, by acclaimed filmmaker Robert Patton-Sprull, the story of an emotionally dead DJ who seeks release through his music. Diversity Days films screen Tuesday, April 4th. The evening reception, hosted by Native Café, includes top acoustic entertainment.

Wednesday, April 5

The American Independents Showcase opnes on Wednesday with the Centerpiece film “The Gold Bracelet”, an India/US co-production. “The Gold Bracelet” is a provocative look at an Indian family and their hopes for a better life in America; the audience watches as their hopes are dashed and how hope is regained. Also unveiling at Method Fest in The American Independents Showcase is “11:59” a amnesiac’s tale; from Mexico, “Adam y Eva” and “Dark Heart”, a post-Iraq tale of a soldier’s return home. King's Fish House will be the site of the Co-Centerpiece Gala.

Thursday, April 6

“Dirt Nap,” closes Method Fest’s screenings and premieres in the evening. Directed by DB Sweeney and starring Ed Harris, John C. McGinley, Paul Hipp, DB Sweeney, and Janet Jones, “Dirt Nap” follows three regular guys through a comical road trip. This is a hilarious and heartwarming comedy of lost dreams and unappreciated treasures.

Friday, April 7

Friday evening, a gala awards ceremony at the Carlson Family Theatre at Viewpoint will close out the festival.

Shorts Program

Throughout the course of the Festival, Method Fest will screen a number of promising shorts in programs dedicated to the art and talent of short films and filmmakers. The Turning the Tables Program features the shorts “Noise”, “Intelligence”, “Serving Santino”,” Cold Comfort”, and “The Importance of Blind Dating”. The Family Matters Shorts Program includes “Big Girl”, ”Crossing”, “Dry Whiskey”, “Guilt”, “I Love You More”, and “In Order of Appearance.” The Rest In Peace Shorts Programs include “Little Lise”, “Purple Bins”, “6 Feet in 7 Minutes”, “Return to Sender”, “Hibernation”, “End of a Dog”, and “Window”. The Locals Gone Loco screenings include shorts “Livewire”, “An Enterprising Caper”, “The Big Empty”, “Take My Advice”, “Christopher Brennan Saves The World,” “The Method,” Shaolin Delivery Boy”, “Queer Eye For The Homeless Guy,” and “Stanley Marshall’s Myth”. In the Strange Days Shorts Program, “K-7,”, “Smart Card”, “Paradox,”, “Lucid”, “Cost of Living”, and “Turn” will be screened. Student Shorts at 5 Program includes “The Savior”(AFTRS), “Queen of Cactus Cove”(AFI), “Wentworth” (USC), “Lucky” (LONDON), “Hotspurs” (NYU), “Love Thy Neighbor” (Chapman), “My Mother’s Hairdo (UCLA), and “Woodrow Wilson” (North Carolina). A number of shorts will also be shown before features, including: Oedipus/The Cabin Movie, Shank 101/Halfway Decent, The Christmas Tree/Eve of Understanding, The Knock/Nightmare, Affair Game/Oh, Mr. Faulkner, Do You Write?

As always at Method Fest, there are numerous opportunities to meet stars, filmmakers, and join workshops and discussions. Check www.methodfest.com for complete screening details, descriptions, times and locations. Screenings and events are held at venues throughout the West Valley, including the Louis B Mayer Theatre of the Motion Picture and Television Fund, at 23388 Mulholland Drive and at The Carlson Family Theatre, Viewpoint School 23620 Mulholland Hwy. For tickets call 1-800-838-3006 or visit www.brownpapertickets.com.

About Method Fest

Named after a famous school of acting, The Method Fest is the only major film festival in the U.S. focusing on acting, celebrating breakout acting performances in story driven independent films. The Method Fest takes great pride in being a discovery festival, looking to help launch the works of young fresh filmmakers and to discover breakthrough performances by young, bold new actors. The festival has also taken great delight in sharing career-defining performances of established performers and in showcasing a few chosen well-known directors to screen at the festival.

The Method Fest is presented by the City of Calabasas. Charter Communications and the L.A. Daily News are the presenting media sponsors. Golden Reel Sponsors include new Millennium Homes, Corona, Standard Pacific Homes, MSN Spaces, and Adelphia.

Silver reel Sponsors are Bob Smith BMW, Jet Blue Airways, D2 Development, Motion Picture and Television Fund. Auto Gallery is the Spinning Reel Sponsor.

Bronze Reel Sponsors include SAG Indie, the Screen Actors Guild, Prudential California Realty, SONY, Christie, Modern VideoFilm, Reels and Wheels, Valley of the Stars, Laemmle Theatre, and Wexler.

# # #



Ruby Dee and Julie Harris plus Kevin Pollak, Kelli Garner, Agnes Brucker to be Honored

(March 22, 2006 : Calabasas, CA) The 8th annual The Method Fest Film Festival, presented by the City of Calabasas, has announced a select few awards to be bestowed during the upcoming festival to accomplished actors.

Don Franken, Creator and Executive Director of Method Fest, announced the awards today in Calabasas. “The Method Fest is the only festival completely dedicated to the actor, and the recipients are people we recognize as very deserving of these honors."

A highlight of the festival will be the Lifetime Achievement award that will be presented to two beloved actresses, Ruby Dee and Julie Harris. The pair appears in Michael Houston King’s The Way Back Home, a tale of a young man’s return home, which ultimately revisits the past. Julie Harris, well known to television audiences for her long-running role on “Knots Landing,” is an Oscar nominated actress known for her iconic performances in East of Eden and The Haunting. Ruby Dee became a star on "The Guiding Light" in the sixties, but has a wide following from her memorable role in Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing, and the Stephen King thriller The Stand. She won an Emmy for her role in the TV miniseries "Decoration Day.”

The first stop since Sundance and the West Coast premiere of Dreamland is set for opening night at The Method Fest on March 31 at the Motion Picture and Television Fund’s Louis B. Mayer Theater. Dreamland stars, Kelli Garner and Agnes Bruckner, will receive the Rising Star Award from the Method Fest at the star-studded premiere. “The Rising Star Award” will be presented to the actresses prior to the film screening. This will be at a red carpet Hollywood-style premiere. The actresses will also serve as guests on honor and honorary hosts of the Opening Night Gala at the scenic ValleyCrest Companies, high on the hill in Calabasas overlooking the entire region.

Kevin Pollack, known for his many character-driven roles in television and features including a memorable role in The Usual Suspects, will receive a Career Achievement Award from the Method Fest on Tuesday, April 4. Kevin appears in Niagara Motel, screening on Monday April 3rd.

About Method Fest

Named after a famous school of acting, The Method Fest is the only major film festival in the U.S. focusing on acting, celebrating breakout acting performances in story driven independent films. The Method Fest takes great pride in being a discovery festival, looking to help launch the works of young fresh filmmakers and to discover breakthrough performances by young, bold new actors. The festival has also taken great delight in sharing career-defining performances of established performers and in showcasing a few chosen well-known directors to screen at the festival.

The Method Fest is presented by the City of Calabasas. Charter Communications and the L.A. Daily News are the presenting media sponsors. Golden Reel Sponsors include new Millennium Homes, Corona, Standard Pacific Homes, MSN Spaces, and Adelphia.

Silver Reel Sponsors are Bob Smith BMW, jetBlue, D2 Development, Motion Picture and Television Fund. The L.A. Auto Gallery is a Spinning Reel Sponsor.

Bronze Reel Sponsors include SAG Indie, the Screen Actors Guild, Prudential California Realty, Country Inn & Suites by Carlson, FilmFinders SONY, Christie, Modern VideoFilm, Aarmadillo, Valley of the Stars, Laemmle Theatres, and Wexler. ValleyCrest Companies, Viewpoint School's Carlson Family Theatre, and the Motion Picture and Television Fund's Louis B. Mayer Theatre are official venues.

Festival Supporters include Enterprise Rent-A-Car, indieprinting.com, Ice Age, Money Mailer, King's Fish House, Native Café, Sagebrush Cantina, Leonis Adobe, Too Tasty Catering, Maria's Italian Kitchen, Blue Table, Astrale e Terra Winery, Mi Piace, and Foxen Winery.


Thursday, March 30, 2006



by Don Rose

The annual Natural Products Expo
in Anaheim wowed attendees again. Biggest food show I have ever seen, took over the entire Anaheim Convention Center and part of the outside. Especially loved the variety of healthy-yet-tasty chips and related snacks, such as Pretzel Crisps (imagine a pretzel flattened by a bulldozer that you can now spread stuff on) and Guiltless Gourmet's Baked chips, like Smoked Cheddar. Also oh-so-good: Pirate Booty. PowerBar promoted new health bars. Loved the Eggnog flavored soymilk. Most impressive were the soy-based imitation hotdogs and chicken; if you hadn't been told they were not meat you could not tell. Veggie is ready for prime time.

# # #

Friday, March 17, 2006



Friday, March 17th
8:00pm - 11:00pm

Park Plaza Hotel
607 South Park View Street
Los Angeles, CA

Beverages courtesy of: Beck’s Premier Light, Ciroc Vodka, Fiji, Johnnie Walker, and Red Diamond Wines.


Associate Producer members: 2 complimentary tickets
Platinum members: $30
Silver members: $60
Non-members: $70

Platinum members: 2 complimentary tickets
Silver members: $25
Non-members: $35

* Associate Producer & Platinum members will receive an invitation prior to the event with RSVP instructions

* Use your IN:LA Card from American Express for a 10% savings on your purchase of a Gen Art membership. Apply now at IN-LA.com or call 310-601-3213.

To become a Gen Art member, call 310-601-3213.

Gen Art invites you to The New Garde: A Celebration of Innovative LA Fashion, the kick-off of LA Fashion Week on Friday, March 17th. This amazing fashion event taking place at the Park Plaza Hotel will feature three of L.A.'s hottest and most innovative designers in live model installations!

Additional support for this event courtesy of: Acura, Ecru New York, LA Confidential, and Mark Cosmetics.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


MAR.9: Orange County’s Largest Mixer III

It's almost here, O.C. people. Do NOT miss it. I'm talking about the third annual Largest Mixer in Orange County on Thursday, March 9 from 5pm to 9pm. This year's fest will be located indoors at the Orange County Fair & Expo Center. If you do your business in O.C., or have been thinking about doing so, this is the event for you. Join the combined networking power of 25 Orange County chambers of commerce and dozens of business organizations for Orange County’s Largest Mixer III.

You can also get your business involved as an exhibitor at this targeted business-to-business event. Develop hundreds of business leads while reaching professionals and companies in and around Orange County. Limited exhibitor space is available. Reserve yours today. Info at: 949-222-6600 or www.ocmixer.com.

posted by Don Rose

Sunday, February 26, 2006




Old and New Friends of the Restaurant Invited to Enjoy Film and
Complimentary Cocktails and Hors D’Oeuvres Sunday, February 26, 2006 at 6:00 p.m.

(Los Angeles, CA) February 13, 2006 – The new owners of Matteo’s Restaurant
are proud to announce the debut screening of “Matteo’s: A Retrospective” on
the evening of Sunday, February 26, 2006. This special event will be held
at the restaurant, located at 2321 Westwood Boulevard in Los Angeles, in
Matteo’s Townhouse, formerly known as the upstairs banquet room.
Complimentary cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be served beginning at 6:00
p.m. and the film, 25 minutes in length, is scheduled to screen at 7:00 p.m.

Founded in 1963 by Matty Jordan, a colorful and charming Italian-American
from Hoboken, New Jersey, Matteo’s is an authentic, upscale Italian
restaurant that quickly attracted a loyal and star-studded following.
Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Sammy Davis, Jr., Dean Martin, and, of course, Ol’
Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra, made Matteo’s a favorite haunt, as did
many others, some of whom were honored with menu items in their name.
Today, the fine art, black-and-white photos and memorabilia of more than
four decades of patrons decorate the restaurant’s deep red walls.

When Matty Jordan died in 1999 after 35 years as the face and spirit of
Matteo’s, his widow, Jackie Jordan, took up the reins. Then, in November
2005, she turned Matteo’s over to several members of the Heron family who
are active locally in real estate and community development.

“Matteo’s is one of the truly special restaurants in Los Angeles — the kind
of place that radiates history in a landscape where so much is changing,”
said Claire Heron, who recently purchased Matteo’s along with her husband,
three of her children, and her daughter-in-law. “We hope this retrospective
preserves fond memories for Jackie Jordan, and that it shows how fortunate
and honored we feel to be the new owners of Matteo’s entrusted with carrying
on its traditions.”

An Escape Velocity production, “Matteo’s: A Retrospective” celebrates more
than 40 years of the restaurant’s inimitable history. The film features
fond remembrances of Matteo’s founder Matty Jordan and cameo appearances by Jackie Jordan, former maître d Larry Cullen and many loyal patrons—both
world- and locally famous—including Phyllis Diller, Sidney Beckerman, and
Army Archerd.

The screening event is free and open to the public, however attendance is
limited and reservations are advised. To join in the festivities, please
call (310) 475-4521. Matteo’s is also accepting regular dinner reservations
for the evening.

About Matteo’s Restaurant

For more than 40 years, Matteo’s of Los Angeles has been the Italian
restaurant of choice for people from all walks of life — from local
residents and businesspeople to celebrities and U.S. presidents. In
November 2005, several members of the local Heron family purchased Matteo’s,
enlisted the talents of acclaimed chef David Slay, and made it their mission
to preserve and update the restaurant for the enjoyment of future
generations. Today, as always, Matteo’s serves unforgettable upscale
Southern Italian dishes in an intimate and glamorous setting. To make a
reservation, or for more information, call (310) 475-4521 or visit www.matteosla.com.

Monday, February 20, 2006



Event at KEY CLUB:

Date:Mon 2/20/2006
Show:9:00 PM
Doors:8:30 PM
Genre:80's ROCK

Tickets: buy now
or call 310.274.5800

Wednesday, February 15, 2006




Back from wowing Sundancers in Park City, Gen Art hosts another great film-fun combo in Los Angeles

Wednesday, February 15th

Laemmle Theatres FAIRFAX 3
7907 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

9:30pm – 11:30pm
Vine Street Lounge
1708 N. Vine Street
Hollywood, CA

Complimentary beverages provided by Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, and Stella Artois.

Gen Art members: 2 complimentary tickets
Non-members: $15 / ticket

* Use your IN:LA Card from American Express for a 10% savings on your purchase of a Gen Art membership. Apply now at IN-LA.com or call 310-601-3213.

To become a Gen Art member, click here or call 310-601-3213.

To find out more about this event, click here.

Gen Art & Acura invite you to a Special Advance Screening & Party for WINTER PASSING. This film was written and directed by Adam Rapp and stars Ed Harris, Will Ferrell, Zooey Deschanel and Amelia Warner. WINTER PASSING is a dramatic comedy by award-winning playwright Adam Rapp that charts the fractious reunion of an estranged father and daughter. Struggling twenty-something actress Reese Holden (Zooey Deschanel) has been promised $100,000 for publication of love letters written by her legendary, but reclusive father, novelist Don Holden (Ed Harris), to his equally revered late wife, also an acclaimed writer and Reese's mother. In search of these letters, Reese treks from New York City back home to Michigan, where she finds her father in flagrant disregard of his own health and living with two younger housemates: one, a practical former grad student, She! lly (Amelia Warner) and the other, a would-be musician, Corbit (Will Ferrell).

Friday, February 10, 2006



Back by popular demand on Feb. 12th is the Singles Sunday Brunch at a beautiful home in the Pacific Palisades -- just in time for Valentine's Day! This month, the brunch will feature a fabulous Italian Buffet as well as wine, soft drinks, coffee and make-your-own ice cream sundaes. Also featured: the popular "Calculated Couples" on-the-spot computer matching, a fun and interesting way of meeting new and exciting people.

This brunch is already filled for women -- but MEN are in luck: there are still some openings for you, but you need to call ASAP. RSVP soon so you won't be left out. Call Judy at 310 454-5260 or email her at JParties@excite.com .

posted by Don Rose

Wednesday, January 11, 2006



"DESIGN MATTERS" Conversation Series continues Wednesday, January 11, 2006 at 7 PM.
Location: Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood, CA.
Admission: $12; students and seniors, $5 MOCAD members, free.


A toaster is not just a toaster, but a map to the world according to Harvey Molotch, author of the award-winning “Where Stuff Comes From: How Toasters, Toilets, Cars, Computers and May Other Things Come to Be As They Are” (Routledge, 2003). In this conversation, the second of the Museum of California Design’s series DESIGN MATTERS, Molotch, a particularly perceptive observer, will explore the ways in which the look, the touch, and the mechanics of everyday products reflect our culture and our economy. He believes that if we want more socially and environmentally benign products, we need to understand our current product system in order for a new design politics to result in a better world. Bill Stern, director of the Museum of California Design, will moderate the discussion.

Harvey Molotch is Director of the Program in Metropolitan Studies and Professor of Sociology and Metropolitan Studies at New York University and was Professor of Sociology and Chair of Sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He has a BA in Philosophy from the University of Michigan and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Chicago. Among Molotch’s numerous awards is the 2003 Lifetime Career Achievement Award from the American Sociological Association (Urban & Community Studies Section).

For more information about the DESIGN MATTERS conversation series log on to www.mocad.org or call 323.930.2700. This series is sponsored by Super-Max® Corporation.


JAN 11 - FEB 26: Remembering Ricky Nelson at MTR

Remembering Ricky Nelson at MTR
Museum of TV and Radio, Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills

January 11 to February 26, 2006
Wednesdays to Sundays at 2:00 p.m.

The rarely seen documentary, It's All Right Now Rick Nelson, which was produced by acclaimed filmmakers Lynne Littman (Testament) and Taylor Hackford (Ray), will screen along with an original 1966 musical, On the Flip Side, that stars Nelson and includes songs by Burt Bacharach and Hal David.


Monday, January 09, 2006



For your reading pleasure, here is perhaps the only Rose Bowl review on the entire Web done in haiku. Ready? Here goes:

Texas won. Tis true.
USC: lossless no more.
Vince -- in-vince-able.

What's that? My haiku is great, but what about the Rose Parade, you say. Well, I like the idea of putting a full day between the Parade and the Bowl, it gives each event a chance to shine, rain or shine. One site I recommend for more info on the parade is the Wikipedia page about the Tournament of Roses Parade. There, you can learn all about the
History, the Parade, the Bands, Grand Marshals of the Parade, the Floats, the quantity of flowers, notable recent floats, and more.

Wikipedia -- what a wonderful winning way to learn on the World Wide Web. Check it out.

And for a great Rose Bowl related story, about one of the greatest hoaxes of all time, which occurred at the Rose Bowl, read all about it at this cool site. Terrific tale, you'll love it.

Sunday, January 01, 2006



by Don Rose

Picture this. December 31. You want to send the year off with a bang, at an event that has class, celebs, adventure, scenic view, warm atmosphere AND temperature -- wine women and song -- you know, the whole shebang. Well, thankfully, I was able to experience all that, and more, for I had the pleasure of attending what was arguably the best party in Los Angeles this past Saturday night (if you weren't at the Playboy Mansion, but that is not a public party, to be fair -- and even a male journalist of my lofty stature is not likely to score a ticket unless I sprouted 44DD's). So, where was I, you ask? At the wonderful New Year's Eve bash thrown by Fabulous...PR and Anouar Productions, held at the mansion compound of Eddy and Lucas (names that hipsters and partiers will recognize as hosts of many a swell soiree in LA).

This was not only a very well attended party (around 1900 people during the night), but also a fun fete with great energy (lubricated by the lovely libations that flowed free all night, once you paid your fare for this E-ticket exclusive bash). There were several areas of the hilltop house to go explore, mingle, dance and drink. Also mucho appreciated was the fact that the whole affair was tented, Astroturfed and heatlamped, since it was a cold and rainy night (not to be too Hemingway here -- but more on the wetness later).

There was also a VIP section upstairs, often populated by the celebs who graced the party. They included: actress Natasha Henstridge and her posse (she really looks great, I must say, including excellent posture, which I mention because beauty is one thing but posture and poise is so rarely mentioned anywhere anymore, hence Henstridge always stands out in my book, or at least in my articles).... and there were the Duffs (no, not the heads of the Duff Beer empire, I'm talking Hilary and Haylie, two of the hottest celebutantes in the Hollywood acting arena).... and there was also the guy who played Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite (also known as Efren Ramirez, and I wonder if he made anything from all the ND film spinoff toys I saw overflowing from every store during the holidays -- okay, we know the answer, so let's move on). Also attending were Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, Korn, The Pussycat Dolls, a rising young singer named MYC, and Mr. Chris Judd (when he was with Ms. Lopez, why no "Juddifer" shirts?). In addition to the great party, and the chance to stay dry and warm all night, folks who walked the red carpet got another present: cute wristband wristwatches (white stretchy band with watch embedded inside, cool).

I also got to talk with a great guy named Dan Studney, co-writer of REEFER MADNESS; his version (inspired by the thirties cult film) began life as a musical in New York and went on to become an award-winning film on Showtime. It's now on DVD. (Reefer Madness, Weeds... is Showtime becoming the hippest thing on TV or what? Or is it hippiest? I predict it will become either the highest rated network, or the highest.) Another interesting guest I chatted with at the party was Alex Lightman -- technexpert, futurist and book author who runs highly successful conferences exploring the development of newer faster better Internet technologies. If you ever bump into him, first apologize, then ask for 5 minutes of his time, you will learn something.

After spending time interacting with the eclectic crowd and its wide range of attractive and lively guests, we all enjoyed the fun fashion show that showcased beautiful clothes -- as well as supercute bikinis by AnaShe.com (which in retrospect was perfect attire given the wet weather of the evening). After the fashion, 2005's final seconds finally came and went, 2006 arrived on schedule, and the merriment continued into the wee hours -- but no one was really concerned about calendars, it was all about having a good time. (Speaking of time, did you hear the one about Greenwich Mean Time beating up Father Time? Now he's doing time. But that's another story...) Sponsors for the event included AnaShe.com, fashiontv, J.Lazaro and 944 Magazine (a spiffy glossy laid out for guests to read on the comfy Mondrianesque "bed-couches" located in the main area of the party).

All in all, the bash was a huge success. Twas a job well done. Very well done. T
his was no easy feat, considering the rainy conditions. Sure, a lot of events claim to be "Rain or shine", but they can't always deliver. In fact, New Year's Eve saw two major LA events cancelled (the "Giant Village" downtown and "Gridlock" at Paramount). So, mega kudos to Tracie May and her company, Fabulous...PR, as well as to Anouar Productions and house hosts Eddy and Lucas, for doing what it takes to make sure the event happened on time, with all going off as planned, with minimum hassles for guests. Look for their future parties during this new year; a splendid time is guaranteed for all.

(Final note: working the red carpet at the event was one of my fave photogs, Michael Bezjian; party images are viewable at MichaelBezjian.com -- pix picks from NYE 06!)

Don Rose is Editor In Chief of “The Rose Review”, an online magazine available at www.therosereview.com . He also serves as writer and editor for “New News Network”, at trrnnn.blogspot.com . He may be reached at ddrose@aol.com .

Tuesday, December 20, 2005



Reviewed by Don Rose

Where can you hear beautiful women kvetch about being born with a tail, being a plus size model, getting married to Mr. "Knight Rider", wrestling with the existential question of whether a nurse's outfit is really clothes, and more -- all in one sitting? Only one place: the performance piece, "PIECES (of ass)". Of course, not all those descriptions describe the same woman, they apply to a bevy of beautiful babes, but what they all have in common is their desire to tell you, on stage, how being hot is not always as easy as it seems. Each may be radiant as a rose, but there are thorns aplenty.

Brian Howie’s hit show has played LA and other cities before, and will likely do so again; I was fortunate enough to attend opening night recently at the famous (or is it infamous?) Roxy on the Sunset Strip. The packed house was riveted on the ravishing ranters, who alternated stories in a smooth flowing string of pleasant performances. Some highlights:

...Ivory May, tall striking blonde from L.A. who is a plus size model plus so much more, was wonderful (in the interest of full disclosure and senseless self-promotion, she is a friend of mine, we met on the gameshow "Smush" a few years ago, which was on for about five seconds on USA Network). Ivory made great points in her monologue about, among other things, having to always add the "plus" to the "model" part of her self-description, something that was a pain at first, but which she eventually embraced. Of course, embracing one’s truth often pays off; now she makes a great living, and is no doubt laughing all the way to her plus-size bank account.

...Danielle James was a knockout (in looks and performance) as a thin ditzy French-speaking fille, frolicking about with long curly blonde locks (a Gallic goldilocks?), speaking ONLY French to the audience, tres rapide no less -- yet everyone got her message anyway, without her uttering an ounce of English. What was it? I don’t know, but it made everyone laugh. Comedy truly is the universal language (along with money and sex, but that's another column).

...Brunette babe Jill Bartlett roamed the stage like a panther (if that panther was slinky and sexy with an appealing bare midriff and great teeth), reminding us several times she was born with a "f***in' tail"! Tail with a tail, it almost writes itself. She had great stage presence, working the space well. She now sports a tattoo over her lower back, where her tail used to be -- are you writing your own jokes by now? I thought so, so I guess I can move on...

...Then there was the ex-soapstar, the actress/model once married to David Hasselhoff -- his babe before Baywatch, One Life To Live’s Catherine Hickland. Kat told us how Evel Knievel was the first man to tell her she was beautiful, which led her on the path to Hollywood. Daredevils in jumpsuits can have a profound effect on people's lives, something I can relate to. Stevel Knievel, Evel's lesser known brother (who once jumped the L.A. River), told me to become a writer, and look, here you are reading my words right now. Whoa. Life is weird.

...Also memorable was a tall blonde from New York, Barbara Christabella, who has appeared on SNL. In one monologue from the Roxy show, forced to wear a nurse's outfit, she made the excellent point that if you go to any hospital, there really aren't many R.N.’s traipsing around in such sexy duds. She wants to wear "real clothes", she tells her producers, who insist those ARE real clothes, and so the angst continues. Well, thank God she looks killer in them, at least. I mean, come on, things could be worse. She could be playing wronged cop Toots Long in a thong (hey, that’s my movie idea, don’t steal it, I know it needs some work).

...And finally, we got to know more about DJ Caroline D’Amore, who came out from the shadows of the side of the stage (her DJ area) to enter the spotlight of centerstage, belting out a funny monologue about a guy telling her she was "eminently f***able". Foul language in itself can be shockingly funny, sure, but her use of the above phrase was organically humorous; the excessiveness of its use added forcefulness and funniness to her case.

Oh heck, why am I overanalyzing, it was just funny, okay? The entire group was funny, is there anything more unfunny than a critic picking apart comedy? Uh, don't answer that. I think that’s my cue… do make sure to view “Pieces” next time it rolls into town… and till then, remember the immortal words of Evel Knievel: see you on the flipside!

P.S. Look for MY new show, "Critical Condition!", starring me as a critic trying to balance raising 52 children with writing a high-concept comedy. Rene Russo plays my wife, Bonnie Hunt my ex-wife, who I also have 52 kids with. Opening Mothers Day, closing Fathers Day.

P.P.S. "PIECES (of ass)" was Conceived & Directed by Brian Howie.
Presented by model/citizen, in association with MayFirst Productions.
For more info regarding future shows, please see: www.piecesofass.com .

Don Rose is Editor In Chief of “The Rose Review”, an online magazine available at www.therosereview.com . He also serves as writer and editor for “New News Network”, at trrnnn.blogspot.com . He may be reached at ddrose@aol.com .

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Event Review: The Planetary Society's 25th Anniversary Gala

by Don Rose

Twas a starry starry night -- as in the stars of space, science and science fiction. A galaxy of them, plus their fans and friends, came out November 12th to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Planetary Society, one of the leading organizations devoted to moving mankind off this Pale Blue Dot and off into the heavens.

The buzz in the room was palpable. Literally, since I got to meet Buzz, as in Aldrin, second man on the Moon (as if I need to tell you that, and if I do, it may be past your bedtime). Many other celebs of the sci-tech world also attended, including Vint Cerf , one of the Founding Fathers of the Internet (now at Google)... Ray Bradbury, titan of science fiction... Ed Stone, former head of the Jet Propulsion Lab... and Ann Druyan, widow of one of the co-founders of the Planetary Society, Carl Sagan (the other two co-founders, Bruce Murray and Louis Friedman, were of course in attendance). Ms. Druyan mentioned the DVD release of COSMOS, the groundbreaking PBS series which is also celebrating its 25th anniversary.

In addition to the wonderful dinner, the highlights of the awards gala at Santa Anita Park included Ray Bradbury receiving the Thomas O. Paine Award for the Advancement of Human Exploration of Mars...
Nichelle Nichols, of Star Trek "Uhura" fame, reading a passage from Ray's classic tome, "The Martian Chronicles"... James Cameron receiving the Society's inaugural Cosmos Award for Outstanding Public Presentation of Science (accepted on his behalf by his colleague, fellow director Steve Quale)... Bill Nye (you know, the Science Guy) serving as affable and amiable host/MC for the evening... and a mock gameshow near the evening's close, where selected guests got to display their grasp of space/science knowledge within a humorous format.

To cap off the perfect evening, guests were indeed blessed with a starry night, for real, and got to enjoy it all the more thanks to the telescopes of various stripes set up outside, letting us gaze skyward. Bill Nye walking up excitedly and saying "Give me a hit of Mars!" was one of the classic lines of the night, as was Ed Stone saying the biggest surprise about Saturn was "finding the spokes" -- such statements encapsulate the fact that those who love science or practice it are folks who can revel in the beauty of the equations as well as the sheer wonder of it all, and the amazing fact that we can know anything at all about the world and worlds around us. Here's wishing the Planetary Society another successful 25 years, and here's hoping we will all eventually follow the advice of Arnold in "Total Recall" when he said, "Get your ass to Mars". I'm sure everyone at the gala in Arcadia would be first in line.

Dr. Don Rose is Editor In Chief of “The Rose Review”, an online magazine available at www.therosereview.com . He also serves as writer and editor for “New News Network”, at trrnnn.blogspot.com . He may be reached at ddrose@aol.com .

Friday, November 18, 2005



Co-organized by the Hammer Museum and The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, Masters of American Comics opens November 20 - A Must-See!

Become a Hammer member! Join by November 17 to receive an invitation to the Hammer Members Reception, 8:30pm to 11pm, Friday, November 18. Sign-up or upgrade to the Supporter level ($300) or above, and receive invitations to the Director's Reception at the Hammer and the exhibition preview at MOCA:
6:30pm to 8:30pm, Friday, November 18, Hammer Museum
6:30pm to 8:30pm, Saturday, November 19, MOCA
Call 310.443.7050 for more information or >>click here to sign up now.

Charles M. Schulz, Peanuts, September 14, 1986. Drawing for newspaper Sunday page. On view at Hammer Museum. Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center. Peanuts: ©United Feature Syndicate, Inc. Digital Image ©2005 Rick Samuels.

All Hammer Members are invited to a Members Preview Day on Saturday, November 19, 11am-7pm and are always receive priority seating at Hammer public programs. During the run of Masters of American Comics, Hammer Members also receive free and unlimited admission for two at MOCA Grand Avenue and a 10% discount at the MOCA store with a valid Hammer Membership card.
R. Crumb, Zap #1, 1967, Comic book cover. On view at MOCA.
Private collection. ©The Paul Morris Gallery, New York and the artist, 2005.

Sunday, Nov 20

Masters of American Comics is the first extensive exhibition of its kind presenting over 900 drawings, proofs, printed newspaper pages, comic books, and graphic novels by 15 of the most influential 20th-century American comic artists. The exhibition features the work of Winsor McCay, Lyonel Feininger, George Herriman, E.C. Segar, Frank King, Chester Gould, Milton Caniff, Charles Schulz, Will Eisner, Jack Kirby, Harvey Kurtzman, R. Crumb, Art Spiegelman, Gary Panter, and Chris Ware.

10899 Wilshire Blvd at Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90024
Gallery hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 11am-7pm; Sunday 11am-5pm; Thursday 11am-9pm. Closed Mondays.Admission: $5 Adults; $3 Seniors (65+) and UCLA Alumni Association Members with ID; Free for Museum members, students with ID, UCLA faculty and staff, and visitors 17 and under accompanied by an adult; Free on Thursdays for all visitors. Public programs are free of charge. Gallery talks are free with museum admissions. Hammer members receive priority seating. For more information about Hammer Membership, email
Lyonel Feininger, The Kin-der-Kids, April 29, 1906, Sunday newspaper page.
On view at Hammer Museum. Collection Cartoon Research Library, Ohio State University. ©Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/ VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn.

Charles M. Schulz, Peanuts, October 13, 1968, Newspaper Sunday page.
On view at Hammer Museum. Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center. Peanuts: ©United Feature Syndicate, Inc. Digital Image ©2005 Rick Samuels.



The Forgotten Summer of George McGovern"
Opens Friday, November 18
Laemmle's Music Hall - Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills CA.

McGovern In-Person Friday & Saturday evening shows, Sunday first two shows.

Featuring: Warren Beatty, Gloria Steinem, Gore Vidal, Ron Kovic, Dick Gregory, and Howard Zinn, Narrated By Amy Goodman ; Music By Bob Dylan, Robbie Robertson, Donovan, Leon Russell, and Elvis Costello. Winner 2005 Sarasota Film Festival "Best Documentary Feature".

Saturday, November 12, 2005





Emmy-Winning Playwright and Writer of Television’s “Six Feet Under” and “The West Wing” Lampoons His Friendship with Former President Bill Clinton in One Man Show.

The production inaugurates the brand spanking new 117-seat Audrey Skirball Kenis Theater at the Geffen Playhouse. But this is a Limited Engagement; Five Weeks Only: runs from November 12 through December 18. For more information, go to www.geffenplayhouse.com (cool website, I might add). And... don't forget to look into the other stellar production taking place at the Geffen, in their main space -- "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" starring John Goodman.

Thursday, November 10, 2005



You are invited to The FredaLA.com Fashion Show
at the Fourth Annual GIVE INTO THE GROOVE benefit.
November 10th, the El Rey Theater, in Los Angeles.

Visit the official GIVE INTO THE GROOVE WEBSITE today.

100% of proceeds go directly to The American Red Cross!

Call for personalized customer service
toll-free at (888) 987-5678 OR
email CustomerCare@FredaLA.com .

Monday, November 07, 2005



TV shows on DVD, once the Next Big Thing, is now the New Big Thing. It's here, Big Time. As the folks at Home Media Retailing say, "it’s not just a business, but a true pop cultural phenomenon". This explosion in content and awareness is one reason HMR's third annual TV DVD confab promises to be the best yet. Dates: November 7 & 8, 2005, at the Marriott Marina del Rey hotel. Highly recommended event -- great networking, panels, and awards celebration. (TRR rating: ***** ). Below: the organizers' event summary. ---D.R.(Editor)

The number of TV DVD packages being pumped into the market is staggering — shipments are running 50 percent ahead of last year — and so are sales, which are growing at an annual rate of 30 percent. On virtually every street date hot theatrical features have to contend with as many as a dozen, or more, just-as-hot TV DVD releases. And several articles in the national press recently have surmised that TV DVD is changing the way Americans watch television.

For the third consecutive year, Home Media Retailing is presenting a fall summit for television and DVD executives exclusively devoted to this lucrative business, which according to recent estimates, accounts for 24 percent of the entire DVD market.

The industry’s top professionals will discuss key issues, trends and developments, including promoting series jointly on DVD and on the air, packaging efficiencies in the face of a growing retail shelf space crunch, viral and fan-based marketing and product proliferation.

Also on tap will be exclusive market research presentations, informative and educational seminars and workshops, a TV producers’ panel, a special celebrity keynoter, a cocktail party and the Second Annual TV DVD Awards.

Advance registrations are $345 for members of DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group and subscribers to The Hollywood Reporter, and $395 for nonmembers. Registrations include admission to all programs as well as lunch, breaks and cocktail party. The event is open to the trade only. For registration and other information, please visit www.dvdconferences.com .

Wednesday, November 02, 2005



This W Hotel event is open to the public. Tell all of your stylish friends!

Madonna, Gwyneth and Cameron love him. And why wouldn't they? His long-legged, low-slung pants make them look flawless. Now you have the chance to dress like an A-lister. Celebrated New York designer Alvin Valley brings his Fall 2005 and Spring 2006 collections to the W Hotel on Wednesday, Nov. 2 for one blissful day of shopping. Enjoy discounts on Alvin’s figure-flattering trousers, sumptuous eveningwear and sleek business attire. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Alvin has partnered with LA fashionista Tori Spelling and will donate a portion of the proceeds from the trunk show to Tori’s charity, Much Love Animal Rescue. Looking fabulous never felt so good.

WHAT: W Hotel Los Angeles Presents Alvin Valley Trunk Show (open to the public)
WHEN: Wednesday, Nov. 2, 3-7pm
WHERE: W Hotel, 930 Hilgard Ave. (Studio 4), Westwood (L.A.), CA 90024
No RSVP necessary.